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About Me

Adriana De La Torre


I'm Adriana, a Mexican artist whose creative evolution has been profoundly shaped by a blend of experiences in vibrant locales like Mexico, Paris, and
New York. Graduating with the highest honors from Pratt Institute
in Brooklyn, NY, as a first-generation student has added
depth and richness to my artistic journey.

I draw inspiration from this rich tapestry of life, weaving it into a diverse portfolio driven by self-expression and a commitment to making a positive impact. My journey has taken me across various sectors of the industry, from collaborating with prominent agencies to supporting
small businesses and nonprofits.

Through it all, I've honed my skills and strengthened my dedication to championing diversity and amplifying underrepresented voices. I firmly believe in our shared responsibility to make the world a better place, one creative step at a time. Explore my portfolio and discover the world through my eyes.

If you would like to work together feel free to reach out!


Thank you! ︎

Interested in seeing my resume? Check it out here