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Design and Illustration

Masa Madre Postcards, Product design, and Illustrations - 2020 - now

The journey alongside Masa Madre, founded by Elena Felgueres and Tamar Fasja, marries my design passion with their Mexican Jewish pastry fusion. Their kitchen experiments birthed Masa Madre's essence, and my role was to visually narrate this evolution.
Infusing their brand with a rustic-yet-modern logo and vibrant packaging, I encapsulated their cultural fusion. On social media, I wove their narrative, sharing their kitchen origins to becoming a thriving bakery. I spotlighted their innovative blend of Mexican and Jewish pastries, celebrating the richness of both cultures.
Together, we crafted Masa Madre's success. The demand surged, leading to team expansion. Our collaboration turned a small venture into a dynamic culinary celebration. Masa Madre isn't merely a bakery; it's a canvas of culture and creativity.

Colibri Center For Human Rights Podcast Art and Magazine Cover - 2021

Colibri Center for Human Rights weaves together testimonies of loved ones affected by migration in their family network newsletter, Hermandad, and new podcast, Historias Y Recuerdos. I created artwork for this non-profit through a grant from the University of Arizona, with the covers featuring a desert background and a colibri hovering over a hand for hope. With my work now in the UA library archives, I'm honored to contribute to impactful projects that humanize the stories and emotions of disappeared migrants, while paying respects to our Latin American culture through colorful embroidery. Colibri Center of Human Rights' work expands the audience and educates on border militarization while humanizing the death toll of migrants through storytelling.

CULT An All Women Cult Story (Animated) - 2020
Collaboration with Nadia Nyberg

Not a Night Person/ Not a Morning Person - 2021

Concept Piece: New York Times Article Animation - 2020

Animated Storybook: Tips for Paris - 2021

Concept pieces: Paperless Post Instagram Post
Mermaid Party for Kids and Summer Entertaining Newsletter - 2022

Sketches and Doodles over the years 2021-2023

NYC: In a Nutshell - 2020

Happy: A Culmination of Live Poses from Happy the Clown - 2020

Fears and Other Creatures: Illustration Based on Aztec Art - 2021

Nightly Nightmares - 2021

Concept Piece: MFM Podcast Live Show Animated Posters - 2020

The Pocketbook Guide to: Hacking the Reproductive System - 2020

Font and designs inspired by the Pandemic CDC guidelines and masks - 2020